Weaver Creek Ranch Pies and Yarn

There'a a new pie vendor at the Umpqua Valley Farmers Market.  Deborah Keller of Weaver Creek Ranch offers freshly baked pies, whole or by the slice,  at her booth on Saturday mornings. 

No need to worry about trans fats in these pies, as they are made with an all-butter crust. As someone who has baked quite a few pies in her time, I can tell you that an all-butter crust is more difficult to work with (check out my Perfect Peach Pie recipe if you want to give it a try) and more expensive, but the flavor is unbeatable.  I doubt there is anywhere else in town you can buy a pie that isn't made with at least some shortening.

If you're a knitter you'll also want to check out Deborah's  hand-dyed yarn--such lovely colors!

I'm a beginner knitter, still trying to learn to knit socks.  I have one sock finished!  When I complete the pair I think I'll treat myself to one of those t-shirts that says, "Knitting is knotty."

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