Summer Jo's

The Mezze Platter
Clockwise from top:  Orange-Olive Tapenade, Pistachio-Pepper Chutney,
and White Bean & Mint Hummus served with Sumac-dusted pita wedges.

My friend, Laura (not to be confused with my daughter, Laura, who is also my friend!) and I had lunch at Summer Jo's in Grants Pass last week on our way home from a trip to Central Point.  I have been raving about how wonderful the food is for months, but Summer Jo's is only open Thursday through Sunday and we never seem to be passing through on the right day.

Last Thursday we planned ahead so we'd have the opportunity to eat outdoors on a beautiful summer day.  For our appetizer, we split the Mezze Platter pictured above.  All of the spreads were delicious; the tapenade was my favorite.  We ate our fill and still had some left to box up and take home.

For our main course, we split a Poached Chicken Sandwich made with their own multi-grain bread, roasted red peppers, field greens, and cilantro-almond relish, accompanied by a salad with a creamy tarragon dressing.  I love tarragon and the dressing was perfect. 

Seriously, this is a place I could close my eyes and point to anything on the menu and I know I would enjoy it.  It's so difficult to choose because the choices are all so tantalizing.  They use local, organic herbs, vegetables, and fruits that they grow right there on the farm, regional pastured meats, artisan cheeses, and they bake their own bread.

Okay, so on to dessert.  Don't fret if you don't see it listed on the menu.  The waitress will bring a tray and, trust me, you will be hard-put to resist.  Once again we were splitting it.  I could tell Laura wanted to try the Lavender Creme Brulee, but knowing how much I love chocolate, she graciously agreed to the decadent Brownie with Raspberry Coulis and Chantilly Cream.  One bite and we decided it was an excellent choice; dense, dark, did I say decadent?  It was all that and more and beautifully presented.

Really, Summer Jo's is worth a special trip to Grants Pass.  Laura said all my high praise was justified.  I'll be eating there again in August with my husband for our anniversary dinner when we head south to see my favorite Shakespeare play, The Merchant of Venice.

P. S. They serve breakfast too!  Check out photos of my husband's granola and poached eggs from last year's post.

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