Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Honey Maid Shrunk My Graham Crackers, Too!

Note:  I thought it was a clever title until a google search came up with a post from August 2009 with the same name.  I didn't notice a change in the crackers until June of 2010.

The Nabisco Honey Maid graham cracker on the left was purchased in June 2010.  The one on the right was purchased in May 2010.  I could see immediately that the new graham cracker was smaller, by almost half an inch in width.  (Yes, I got out my ruler.)  That was no big surprise.  Ice cream "half gallons" are now actually 1.75 quarts and the amount of tuna in a standard can has decreased considerably over the last few years.  I figured it was just economics (or greed.)

The real problem with the new graham crackers is the taste.  Graham crackers are one of the few baked goods I buy, rather than make myself.  I like them spread with natural peanut butter (and topped with chocolate chips if there are no cookies in the house) and sometimes we like to make s'mores.  

These new graham crackers taste like sawdust!!!  You can see from the photo that they are pale and pasty-looking, not golden like they used to be.  What they have done is increase the whole grain from 2 grams to 5 grams per serving and they point that out on the new box.  Well, I wasn't buying them as health food.  After all, they're still made with partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil and high fructose corn syrup--two ingredients I almost always avoid.  I was buying them because I liked the way they tasted.

Guess I'm going to have to spend some time learning to make my own.  I certainly won't be buying these again!


Pink Posts said...

Thanks for the heads up on the graham crackers, but more especially for the idea of the peanut butter and chocolate chips on them....YUM!!! My new favorite!

Anonymous said...

You are so right about graham crackers. I opened a new box the other day and noticed the smaller size. Then the taste - ugh. Not what I was expecting.

I won't buy them again. I can live with the smaller size but the taste of these "new" crackers is truly awful.
I miss the old graham cracker taste, nothing else is quite like it and yes, I like them with peanut butter too.

Jennifer--flavorsoftheumpqua said...

I have been buying the Western Family brand and my eleven-year old son agrees that they are very much like the old Nabisco graham crackers. I haven't tried Keebler's yet. I found good recipe for making my own but I haven't gotten around to making them yet.

Anonymous said...

You thought the 5mg's were bad? Now you can't get those, they are ONLY making 8mg's, they smell so bad, we have been having these for 30 years. Since we were kids. I called Nabisco, they said they need more people to tell them or they will continue to make them. They denied they were smaller! Said it was settling during shipping! Isn't that awful?
Call them, the number is on the box. I also got my money back from them.

Vicki said...

I noticed the smaller Graham crackers and the pasty taste early last year. The box was the same size but you could almost put another package in it. I ran to the stores and tried all the different brands and none were the texture or taste the crackers should be. They also don't break on the perforation marks and I have recipes that need this. Smores just are not the sameeither!

Grandma Bruce said...

The thing I noticed about them is they get soggy faster when I put them in milk. I figured they are now full of more air pockets!

Terri W. said...

I have been unhappy for some time with the taste of these crackers also. I don't know what other brand there is. I think the reason they taste bad is because of the brown plastic wrapper. Have you ever smelled them. They stink! Maybe try a different way to package them. I finally decided it was time to speak up. I like eating graham crackers when I need something sweet. I like to dip them in my yogurt. Anyway, I do hope something can be done about the taste.