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Silky Vegan Chocolate-Hazelnut Pie

This decadent dessert was a big hit at the UC-VEG potluck last week. The first recipe I used came from Julie, who was seated at our table at last year's UC-VEG Valentine's Potluck. She gave me an envelope with the ingredients hastily written down and a few verbal instructions. It was basically a blended filling of silken tofu, almond milk, maple syrup, melted vegan chocolate chips, and cocoa powder poured into a store-bought crust and chilled. Julie topped it with sliced almonds just before serving. The pie was absolutely amazing! Even my teenage son couldn't believe how rich and satisfying it was.

When I went looking for the envelope/recipe last week, I couldn't find it anywhere. In desperation, I resorted to the internet. A quick google search turned up a very similar recipe from the Pinch Of Yum blog. It included almond butter, which I didn't recall from Julie's recipe and it used chocolate almond milk and no cocoa powder, but it was close enough, so I decide…

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