Farmers Market Morning

I made it back to the Umpqua Valley Farmers Market this morning.  I have missed our local market the past two weeks (wedding/Portland trip) and I will miss it again next weekend while I'm in California for a nephew's wedding.

Hom put together a lovely bouquet of flowers for me.  I've been enjoying the roses left from Christine's wedding, but the petals are now drying in baskets and they're halfway to becoming potpourri.

I bought a garlic braid from Joni Leet.  I have a booklet that shows how to make one, but I have yet to grow enough garlic to make my own.

I picked up a head of white cauliflower and some Romanesco cauliflower and Suzi's last basket of organic strawberries at the Big Lick Farm booth.  My own strawberries are waning.  The basil transplants I put in weeks ago are looking pretty sad, so I bought two new transplants and I'm hoping the warm weather will stick around and get them off to a better start.

I dropped off copies of our new Think Local Umpqua 2010 local pages guide to several vendors and the man at the Dillard Farm Market booth insisting on giving me a basket of raspberries.  I'm hoping to get out to his place on Monday to do some picking.

The red and blue potatoes will be combined with the white (yellow) potatoes I already have for some sort of red, white and blue dish for tomorrow's 4th of July dinner.  Not sure yet if it will be potato salad, roasted potatoes, or if I'll just serve them boiled and buttered.

Janice Bunyard at Bunyard's Barnyard gave me the bunch of tarragon.  I'd like to try my hand at some homemade tarragon mayonnaise, but if I don't get around to it in the next day or two I will start a bottle of tarragon vinegar.

Someone bought out all the feta tarts before I got to The Baklava Lady, but she sent me home with a Phyllo Honey Stick for Kevin.

I will enjoy exploring a California farmers market or two while I'm away, but it's always good to come home to our friendly local farmers.

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