Smokin' Chicken Strips

I am delighted to report that Smokin' Friday's BBQ Spice Rub (available at their farmer's market booth on Saturday mornings) makes delectable chicken strips. These were a huge hit for our Memorial Day celebration. We had our barbecue Sunday afternoon because I wanted to go on a hike Monday.

I cut chicken breasts into strips, tossed them with the rub so each piece was fully coated and refrigerated them for about 6 hours. Then I threaded them on (soaked) wooden skewers and my husband cooked them on the grill with some alder chips for smoke. I lost track of how many my 10-year old ate, but he was raving about them the whole time.

I used a family pack of chicken breasts and the whole bag of spice rub. We took the leftovers on our hike as part of our picnic lunch, with some house dressing from Anthony's Italian Cafe to dip them in. They are just as good cold as they were hot off the grill.

Today I chopped a few strips up and added them to a bowl of romaine and red oak leaf lettuce, tossed in some dried cranberries, toasted a piece of Laura's garlic bread for makeshift croutons and topped the whole thing with some more of the house dressing. Sort of a delicious smoky Caesar salad for an al fresco lunch on this gorgeous, sunny day. I know, I know, three days in a row, but these are really, really good.

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