McKenzie Cranberries

I love dried cranberries. I sprinkle them on my morning cereal, toss them into oatmeal, use them in cookies, bread, salads and granola. I was searching the web for a place to buy Oregon-grown dried cranberries and came across McKenzie Cranberries, Inc. in Port Orford. They sell sweetened (with sucrose) dried cranberries, blueberries and cherries. They will UPS the berries in quantities of 10 lbs. or 25 lbs.

I ordered 10 pounds of dried cranberries at $3/pound. Even with the additional $10 shipping, the total cost of $4/pound was still less than buying them from the bulk bins at the supermarket. The regular price at Sherm's is $5.29/pound and right now they are on sale for $4.39/pound.

OceanSpray Craisins work out to $5.12/pound. The bag says "processed in the USA from North American cranberries" or something like that, which means they could be from Maine or Oregon or Canada. There's no way to tell.

These are incredibly good dried cranberries. I tried drying my own last fall for a Think Local dinner and even steeping them in a sugar syrup before drying didn't keep them as plump and soft as these are. Worth every penny to buy them, in my opinion.

FYI...the blueberries are $5.88/pound and the cherries are $4.00/pound plus shipping. Both are sweetened. I have never tasted dried blueberries, but I did dry 40 pounds of pitted bing cherries last summer. They are easy to dry and don't need any sweetening, though it can take a 24 to 30 hours in the dehydrator if you don't cut them in half.

You can e-mail Gloria at to place an order. I mailed them a check on Friday, they shipped the cranberries on Monday and I received them on Tuesday.

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