Rhubarb-Strawberry Crisp

Yes, it is usually called Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp, but mine has 3 cups of rhubarb to one cup of strawberries, so it seemed fitting to switch the names around. I put this together for dessert on Sunday and it was so delicious, I think it made rhubarb converts out of my parents.

I started with 8 stalks of rhubarb I bought from Jim Leet at the farmers market. It's just coming on, so the stalks are still pretty slender. You need about 3/4 pound. I combined the rhubarb with organic strawberries and used whole wheat pastry flour and oats in the topping.

It's so good for you, I didn't feel one bit guilty when I polished off the leftovers for breakfast.

Rhubarb-Strawberry Crisp

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

For the filling:
12 ounces rhubarb, sliced into 1/2-inch pieces (3 cups after slicing)
8 ounces strawberries, hulled and sliced (1 cup after slicing)
3/4 cup white sugar
3 tablespoons flour (I used white flour here)

Stir the flour and sugar together in a medium bowl. Add the rhubarb and strawberries, tossing until well-coated. Transfer to a deep-dish pie pan or baking dish about the same size.

For the topping:
1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour (I grind mine from soft white wheat)
2/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg (freshly grated if possible)
a dash of sea salt
1/2 cup coarsely chopped walnuts
1/2 cup rolled oats (I use quick oats)
1/4 cup butter, softened or melted

Combine all of the dry ingredients in a medium bowl (same one the fruit was in, no need to wash it), stirring well to distribute the spices evenly. Stir in the softened or melted butter until a crumbly mixture forms. Sprinkle over the fruit mixture. This seems like a lot of topping, but just keep sprinkling it on until all the fruit is covered well.

Bake at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes, until topping is browned and rhubarb is tender when pierced. Serve warm or at room temperature with a dollop of real whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Serves 6.

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