Farmers Market Round-up

Flowers at the farmers market are such a bargain. Today I bought one bouquet from Hom and one from Dang, two different vendors, and combined them. Total cost? $7.00. Pleasure I get every time I look at them? Priceless.

I also picked up a quart of pure plum juice (canned with no added sugar) from the Sterken Farm booth. It will be the base for several berry smoothies during the week--juice, frozen berries, a handful of pumpkin seeds, some homemade yogurt or protein powder added to the mix--I can just feel all those antioxidants going straight into my bloodstream.

Both Sterken Farm and Linnea Marie Farm had the first local strawberries of the season and I bought 2 pints. If there are any left by tomorrow, they'll go into a fruit salad.

At the Big Lick Farm booth I chose one more pepper transplant (ancho) for my garden and watched Suzi while she bagged up some beautiful spinach leaves for a whole line of customers.

And my daughter, Laura, couldn't resist buying a loaf of Garlic Romano bread from the folks at Lighthouse Center Bakery.

Shopping local is so much fun!

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