Strawberry Fields Forever

Organic Strawberries at The Berry Patch
Brosi's and Kruse Farms have had u-pick strawberries for over a week now, but I have been patiently waiting for the The Berry Patch to open.  Not only are their berries organic, but they are grown in pipes waist high, so the picking is easy.  I've been scanning the News-Review nightly, looking for their ad.  Finally, yesterday, I decided to drive out and see for myself.  They had, in fact, opened on Friday, but had not been able to get it into the paper in time.

They were closed for the day, but first thing this morning I donned my baseball cap, pulled on my "mucking around" boots and headed out there.  Rain or no rain, I was ready to pick.  I was so excited that I rushed off without my bucket-on-a-belt for two-handed picking!

These Chandler berries are big and beautiful and there are plenty of them.  They could use a couple days of sunshine to sweeten them up a bit more for fresh eating, but they are just right for making jam, strawberry shortcake, or anything else that will be sweetened.  I'm going to dip a few dozen in chocolate to take to a scout meeting tonight.  

The sun is going to come out before the end of the week.  I am thinking the berries will be perfect by the weekend.

The Berry Patch, located at 6271 Old Melrose Road, is open from 8 am to noon Monday through Friday and until 2:00 pm on Saturdays.  Closed on Sundays.  The berries are $1.25/lb. u-pick or you can order them picked for $20/flat. Bring your own containers. 541-440-8484 for more information.  

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