River Rush Bistro

 The Kelly

I finally got myself out to the River Rush Bistro at Umpqua Community College for lunch this week. What a treat!  Walk through the etched glass doors in the far corner of the cafeteria in the Campus Center and enter the classiest "classroom" on campus. The bistro serves as a learning environment for students in the culinary arts program. 

Anyone who's ever had lunch out with me knows that I love a main dish salad-- lovely lettuce with a combination of protein, cheese, fruit, nuts and an unusual dressing. Bingo! The Kelly salad I ordered fit all my criteria. Tender field greens topped with a perfectly grilled chicken breast, thinly sliced tart green apple, feta cheese, spiced nuts, and dried cherries. And the dressing? A chocolate cherry balsamic vinaigrette! How's that for exotic? Delicious doesn't begin to describe it. I'm not sure I can wheedle the dressing recipe out of them, but I will ask about buying a batch to take home on my next visit.

Desserts of the day included a chocolate cake layered with an orange filling and covered in dark ganache or a crispy berry and lemon curd Napoleon.  I chose the cake and it exceeded my expectations--rich, moist and beautifully presented. 

The River Rush Bistro is open to the public from 10 to 1 Tuesday through Thursday when school is in session. Call 541-440-7671 to confirm before heading out to UCC.

My lunch was excellent, the service was professional and the prices are extremely reasonable.  Go see for yourself!

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