Glorious Greens

Lovely lettuce ready for the salad spinner

The farmers market was loaded with fresh, vibrant greens of all varieties this morning.  At Rigg's Family Farm they were offering a green lettuce mix, a red lettuce mix, and curly leaf Savoy spinach.  At three half-pound bags for $10, I bought one of each.

Savoy spinach spun dry and ready to be bagged.

Once home and after giving my kitchen sink a thorough cleaning, I filled it with cold water and dumped both bags of lettuce into it and swished it all around for minute or so before giving the leaves a spin in my salad spinner to remove excess water.  I divided the dry greens between two new gallon-sized Ziploc bags and they are now in the frig, ready for salads and sandwiches all week.

I repeated the rinsing and spinning process with the spinach and it, too, is all set to be tossed into green smoothies or added to casseroles.

It was a long winter without local lettuce!  I broke down a few times and bought the organic stuff in the plastic boxes at the grocery store, but there is absolutely no comparison in freshness and flavor to what is grown right here in the Umpqua Valley.

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