Fall is in the Air

I made it to the farmers market this morning. All the pumpkins and winter squashes are ready now and the fall colors are spectacular. I bought a Cinderella pumpkin for the doorstep and some broom corn for the entryway. It's time to decorate for fall. 

I stocked up on garlic from Chip Clough of Tranquility Meadows Farm. I bought a mix of hardneck and softneck varieties to last me through the winter and spring and picked up several free recipes for roasted garlic dips and purees. Chip says the garlic will keep for months if stored at about 50 degrees in the dark. I'm thinking a corner of the garage should work well.

I can't believe we're still eating fresh, local strawberries in October! I bought four baskets from Suzi and Asinete at the Big Lick Farms booth and also picked up a pint of their raspberries and three pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes.

I sampled two kinds of honey at the Kauk's Bees booth and bought a quart of each. I still have some from last year, but I like to stock up.

A bouquet of zinnias and sunflowers rounded out my purchases.

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