Egg Carton Firestarters

Okay, so this is not food, but while I was in the kitchen today baking a batch of 100% Whole Grain Oatmeal Bread and roasting some "Candied Tomatoes," I decided to refresh my supply of homemade firestarters.

These are simple to make and come in very handy when you're camping or even for the fireplace at home.  I offered one to a friend on a group camping trip just a couple weeks ago when he was struggling to get a fire going with green, wet wood and it took off in no time when he added one of these.

And, they are practically free.  You need a cardboard egg carton, a bunch of dryer lint, and some old broken candles or candle stubs that you would otherwise throw out.  

If the candle pieces are big, it helps to chop them up.  Place them in a tin can (#10) and melt them over a very low flame on the stove or put the can in a pot of water and heat until the wax is liquid.  Wax is flammable, so in either case, DO NOT LEAVE IT UNATTENDED.  

Place the egg carton on a cookie sheet that is lined with waxed paper.  Stuff each section with as much lint as you can, really packing it in.  Pour the melted wax over the lint, filling each section to the top.

Set aside to cool completely and then break and tear into twelve individual firestarters.  Store in a ziploc bag or other waterproof container.  To use, just light one corner of the cardboard and build your fire over it.

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