The Week in Review

Last Saturday got off to a great start with an early-morning trip to the farmers market. I dropped my son off at the baseball field at 8:30 to start warming up for his 9:30 game and headed over to the market on Diamond Lake Blvd.

I checked in with Jim Leet to pick up two bundles of asparagus I had reserved (you can sign up for his email list and get a heads up on Thursday or Friday to see what he'll be bringing) and a bag of his Zesty Lettuce Mix. Then I stopped by the Sterken Farm booth and bought some giant green onions.

Three flower vendors were at the market. I picked out a lovely bouquet of lilac and white tulips and a smaller, mixed bouquet of bright red and yellow tulips.

Sadly, The Baklava Lady has decided to travel to the Grants Pass farmers market, where she might be able to sell more, so I didn't get my feta tarts for breakfast.

The Smokin' Fridays booth was not able to be there due to an emergency, so I didn't get my breakfast burrito either, but I am assured they will be there this weekend.

I ended up buying an almond and anise biscotti from Lighthouse Bakery and paired it with a hot chocolate from the neighboring Dutch Bros. on my way back to the ball field.

Lots of transplants for your garden, too, but my raised beds are not quite ready for them yet.

My husband took me to Dino's for dinner Saturday night. The place was packed. Great to see they are doing so well in this economy. I had Debbie's incredibly smooth and creamy Gnocchi with Chicken and Artichokes in Gorgonzola Sauce. Absolutely delicious! And I had the Tiramisu for dessert. I asked the waitress to reserve a piece for me when we ordered our entrees because I knew there wouldn't be any left if I waited and I was right.

Sunday it was my turn to cook dinner for my parents. I used some of the diced ham I had frozen after our Easter dinner and made Scalloped Potatoes & Ham. I roasted the asparagus and served the zesty greens with a poppy seed vinaigrette. I whipped up a batch of "Death by Chocolate" cookies for dessert, a recipe I had ripped out of a magazine ages ago but had never tried. Definitely worth repeating.

Don't forget about the food and film event at the Douglas County Museum Friday night. I have to be in Portland, so I will miss it, but I plan to watch "Ingredients" as soon as it comes out on dvd.

See you at the market on Saturday.

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