The Place to Be on Saturday Mornings

When does not being able to find a parking place make me smile? When it's because so many people are shopping local at the Umpqua Valley farmers market! I actually had to go find a spot around the corner on a side street today because every space (and even some "non-spaces") was full and cars were circling around waiting for someone to pull out.

It gladdens my heart to see so much support for our local farmers and crafters.

After I finished The Best Breakfast Burrito Ever, I bought a huge bag of mixed lettuce greens from Suzi and Asinete at the Big Lick Farm booth and put in a request to reserve the first peony bouquets (still several weeks away, they tell me) from my favorite flower vendors. I held off on buying more asparagus until next week. I'm hoping some rhubarb will start showing up soon.

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