Shirley's Apples

My neighbor, Shirley, died this week. She was in her eighties and fell and broke her leg while she was vaccuuming. Shirley had many health problems and never recovered from the surgery needed to fix her leg. I had the privilege of being one of several friends and family members who were with her at the hospital when she peacefully passed into the next life.

The day she broke her leg, Shirley had picked a 5-gallon bucket of apples from the tree in her back yard. Her family asked if I could use them. Ever industrious and frugal, I knew Shirley would not have wanted them to go to waste. So I spent Saturday afternoon remembering Shirley while I peeled her apples and made applesauce. I labeled the jars "Shirley's" and every time I open a jar from this batch I will think of Shirley and the fine example she set for me and my children.

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