Garden Valley Apples

My son sampling a Golden Delicious apple picked at Cleveland Rapids Orchard (1999).

Rome Beauty, Newton Pippin, Spitz and Red Delicious apples are all ready for picking at Norm Lehne Garden & Orchard. They are so easy to pick that it's hard not to get carried away. I already have tomatoes and peppers needing my attention, but I just couldn't resist the apples. I only picked about 20 pounds; the two women ahead of me at the scale had just picked close to 180 pounds! Don't wait too long or they'll all be gone.

I really only dashed out there (five minutes away) to pick a few ears of corn for dinner. Norm just opened up a new patch of Candystore corn for u-picking, but a freeze is expected tonight, so I thought I'd better get it while I could. Might be our last chance for corn-on-the-cob this year!

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