Goodies for Your Local Easter Basket

If you need a local source for Easter goodies and you value quality over quantity, Umpqua Sweets & Treats at 1157 NE Stephens St. is the place to fill your baskets.  Bonnie makes several varieties of fudge, artisan truffles, molded chocolates, barks and brittles.  My personal favorite is their Yumpqua Bar, a unique combination of blackberry caramel, toasted hazelnuts and blackberry ganache, all dipped in bittersweet chocolate.

 Bonnie's creamy fudge in so many flavors.

In addition to her own creations, Bonnie stocks specialty truffles from Moonstruck Chocolates in Portland. Sooooooo cute!

If you're filling a basket for someone who doesn't eat sugar, Umpqua Sweets & Treats offers an assortment of sugar-free chocolates and three savory varieties of their house-made gourmet cheese spreads--pesto, artichoke-garlic, and chipotle.

Sugar-free chocolates and fudge.

Moonstruck Easter egg truffles are on sale.

Baskets are available right in the store.  You can fill your own or call ahead (541-957-5580) and have Bonnie put one together for you. 

Happy Easter!

P.S.  All of the above would be great for Mother's Day too!

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