What To Do With All Those Nectarines

Harko nectarines from 

We're still eating nectarines I picked at Paris Orchards (541-673-6417) last week, but I couldn't help picking a few more at Lehne's this morning.  They are so juicy and sweet!  I pick them in varying stages of ripeness so they are not all ready at once, but if they get ahead of me they are easy to freeze; no peeling necessary.  

I slice them directly onto a wax paper-lined baking sheet and flash freeze them for several hours or overnight, then pack them into plastic bags.  They make a refreshing snack straight from the freezer, sort of like a mini popsicle.  They are delicious added to smoothies.  Sliced nectarines can also be dried until chewy for winter snacking or adding to trail mix for a hike.  They can also be canned.  Processing times are the same as for peaches, but you don't peel them first.

Nectarines can also be substituted in this sorbet recipe for a light dessert.

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