Quick Cherry Report

Here's what I know about the local cherry crop this season:

Brosi's Sugartree Farms currently has Chelan cherries for u-picking.  These are a dark, sweet cherry similar to bings.  Bings will be coming on shortly.  The trees at Brosi's are nice dwarf-type trees that make for easy picking from the ground.  Prices are $1.00/lb. u-pick or $1.99/lb. picked.

Kruse Farms and Shady Lane (342 Shady Drive, Roseburg  541-672-3430) both say their cherries will not be ready until closer to the end of the month.  You can check back here or check the News Review nightly to see their opening dates.

Gordon Hentze of Hentze Family Farm in Junction City tells me his cherries will not be ready until mid-July.  That's where I go to buy already picked and pitted cherries for drying.  I bought 80 pounds last year.  I dehydrated 60 pounds and froze the remaining 20 pounds to use in smoothies and protein shakes--frozen cherries, chocolate whey protein powder, skim milk, and some freshly ground flaxseed--perfect for my post-workout recovery shake.

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