Time to Get Crackin'

Hazelnuts (filberts) are ready at Norm Lehne Garden & Orchards, but if you'd like some, you'd better hurry out today as they are going fast.  These are large/jumbo Ennis variety nuts.  They are $1.75/lb. and you can crack them yourself on the spot with Norm's old-fashioned cracker.  It doesn't take long at all to separate the nutmeats from the shells later--a great task for a rainy evening by the fire.  You will get about 50% nutmeats from the total weight.

I store them in the freezer and roast a small batch at a time to add to salads or nibble on.  I also use them in cookies and granola.  They make delicious hazelnut butter, too.

If you can't get out there today, you might be able to reserve some to pick up Monday by calling 541-672-2745.

Walnuts should be ready soon.  You can get on the list at Brosi's Sugartree Farms (541-679-1472) and they'll call when they are harvested and back from the dryer.  Cleveland Rapids Orchards (Ray and Kaye Lehne) no longer sell walnuts.

Update:  Just got back from Sherm's and I noticed they have hazelnuts in the shell, uncracked, for $3.45/lb., so Norm's are a bargain!

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