Nectarines at Paris Orchards

I just ate the most deliciously sweet and juicy nectarine!  If I were on Twitter, I would tweet about it (and I would also tweet about the two cute little neighbor boys around the corner from my house who are selling lemonade right now and tell you to go buy some--kinda watery, but I can never resist a kid's lemonade stand).

My dad has been telling me all week that I need to get out there and get some nectarines because they are soooooo good this year, so I stopped by to pick "just a few" on my way home from the farmers market.  Anyone in my immediate family knows that I can never pick "just a few" of anything; I came home with eleven pounds!

Aside from fresh eating, nectarines are great for drying because you don't have to peel them.  I'm thinking a nectarine sorbet might be in the works later today, too.

Paris Orchards is at the end of Curry Road, almost to Singleton Park.  A sign shows you where to pick; another informs you that "Shiny is green.  Dull is ripe."  You weigh and pay on the honor system at the roadside scale and money box.  You won't see much fruit at first, but if you're willing to climb the trees or get on the ladders they have available, there are still beautiful nectarines to be found on the higher branches.

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