Market Round Up

Some people might think there is not much left at the farmers market by now, but they would be wrong. Here's what I picked up on this beautiful autumn morning:

--An absolutely gorgeous Cinderella (rouge vif d'etamp) pumpkin and an heirloom "Long Island Cheese" pumpkin. These will grace my doorstep for the next few weeks along with a Japanese kuri squash until I am ready to cook and eat them.

--a large bunch of carrots and a mixed bag of red and golden beets
--one last local canteloupe
--three ears of Bodacious corn
--a yellow acorn squash and a butternut squash for soup
--a bag of slender green beans
--a pound or so of just-dug sweet potatoes
and for munching....two spanakopita tarts and two Greek wedding cookies.

Two markets days left this year and I am making the most of it.

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