Farewell to the Farmers Market

It was a gray, drizzly Halloween day for our farmers market season finale, but I couldn't pass up one last chance to see my favorite vendors and wish them well until spring. Many were in costume and handing out treats.

The Baklava Lady had cleverly transformed ordinary gingerbread boys into mummies. I'm gonna have to remember that for next year.

These golden persimmons will be cut up and tossed with some orange juice, dried cranberries, and perhaps some toasted walnuts, for a lovely autumn fruit salad.

I bought one more jar of honey from Kauk's Bees for my winter food storage and then picked up some garlic, a bag of arugula and a loaf of honey wheat bread from the Lighthouse folks.

I bought two small "naked seeded" (hull-less) pie pumpkins from Jim and Joni Leet. The seeds I roasted last year were excellent and the pie I made with the flesh was a hit.

The market really took off at its new location on Diamond Lake Blvd. this year. People are beginning to see how satisfying it is to put their money directly into the hands of the people who grow their food. Here's to buying and eating local!

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