Only Six Market Days Left

I can't believe there are only six more Saturdays to shop at the Umpqua Valley Farmers Market this season. The market is at its peak right now.

Today my first stop was for melons. I have learned to buy them first and take them to the car, so I don't have to carry them around the market with me. I bought a long and slender Charleston Grey watermelon, two canteloupes (different varieties) and one other melon that I can't remember the name of. That should be enough for the week. Don't know the vendor's name, but he helped me pick out the sweetest, juiciest melons he had.

Next I bought some green beans and butterstick squash from Jim Leet.

At the Big Lick Farm stand I chatted with Susie and Asinete and loaded up on carrots, French fingerling potatoes, golden beets, arugula, garlic and small red onions.

I picked out a huge bouquet of bright yellow sunflowers and had Dang hold them for me until I was through with my shopping.

I stopped by the Double P Soap Company booth and bought a bar of Lavender-Oat soap--smells divine.

I chose a variety of apples from Sterken Farm: winesap, macintosh, golden delicious, pink lady. They even had Granny Smith's, which seems a bit early to me, so I decided to wait a few more weeks before buying some to make an apple pie for my dad.

I browsed the handmade greeting cards at the Black Dog Woods booth and chose one for my daughter's birthday. These are delightful all-occasion and blank one-of-a-kind cards with a butterfly theme, painted by local artist Claudia Lapham. Gift tags are also available.

Finally, I topped off my bag with a dozen fresh eggs and some local lettuce, picked up my flowers and headed for my car.

If only someone sold milk at the farmers market, I wouldn't have to go to the grocery store at all this week.

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