Mulling over Some Mulberries

I'd never seen a mulberry until last week when I went out to Sterken Farm to pick peaches. I passed a few trees that looked like they had ripe blackberries growing on them. I picked one and popped it into my mouth; very sweet and no seeds! I ended up picking a small pail of them, not sure what I would actually use them for.

We ate some fresh and I started my first ever bottle of mulberry vinegar. The rest I laboriously pinched the stems off of and made into a cobbler. It was good, but mulberries do not have any of the tartness that blackberries or Marionberries do and even though I added a bit of lemon juice, the cobbler was still rather bland. I wouldn't go out of my way to pick them again, but at least I know what they're like now.

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