Local Bing Cherries are Ready

I picked these early bing cherries at Brosi's SugarTree Farms in Winston Monday evening while my son was at baseball practice. Brosi's trees are very short and plenty of cherries can be picked from the ground--great for taking children with you. I am not fond of climbing ladders, but I wouldn't let that keep me from picking the darkest, sweetest cherries higher up in the tree.

Brosi's is open from 9 to 6 daily. Call 679-1472 to check availability.

Sterken Farms in Garden Valley (541-260-7755) also has some varieties ready-to-pick, though the bings I saw this morning didn't look quite as ripe as I would like. A few more days of sunshine will sweeten them up.

Shady Lane Orchard should be opening up soon, too.

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