Freezing Avocado

The avocados I bought in California are ripening beautifully. We've been enjoying them on venison & bean soft tacos, as guacamole and in smoked turkey wraps. The other night I pounded a couple organic chicken breasts very thin, sauteed them in a bit of butter, olive oil and garlic, squeezed some lime juice over the top, then covered them with salsa and let them cook through. Before serving, I topped them with sliced avocado. Delicious!

I am planning to freeze the last few avocados. Here are the directions, straight from the
California Avocado Commission:
When you have an abundance of fresh avocados, consider
freezing them. Pureed avocados freeze very well and can be
used in salads, sandwiches and dips.

Wash, seed and peel the fruit... Puree the flesh,
adding one tablespoon of lemon juice for each two pureed avocados.
Pack the puree into an air-tight container, leaving 1 inch
of headspace. Seal and label the containers.

Freeze and use within four to five months.

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