In case you missed my letter to the editor...

In response to a February 15 letter complaining about the lack of a "fine dining" establishment in Roseburg, I agree that we certainly don't need anymore "formula food" franchises. I've eaten at excellent restaurants in this country and abroad; I enjoy a fine dining experience as much as anyone, but don't knock our local chefs!

Osso Buco at Anthony's, Chicken Serento or Pork Verde at the Mark V, Carne Asada at Gilberto's, Souvlaki at Alexander's or Chicken-Walnut Salad at D's are just a few of the dishes I enjoy regularly. Reservations are rarely needed, parking is convenient and FREE, the servers are friendly and knowledgeable and the meal doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Recently, these chefs have been making an effort to incorporate local ingredients into their menus; another plus.

The few attempts, during the 27 years I have lived here, at more "upscale" restaurants have never succeeded. Rather than whining about what we lack, let's support our local restaurants and keep them going through these tough economic times.

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