Market Day

Saturday was a gloriously beautiful day at the farmers market. First off, I bought these Chinese yardlong beans and some delightfully sweet seedless green grapes from Dang at Dang's Garden and then a couple zucchini, four 49er peaches and three perfect ears of Bodacious corn from Norm Lehne.

I snagged these sunflowers and rudbeckia at Hom's Garden and then bought some yellow wax beans and fresh basil for Basil Butter with Garlic from Linnea Marie Farms. Next, I headed down to the Sweet Briar Farms canopy and picked up two inch-thick center-cut pork loin chops, which they kindly wrapped in ice for me (their pork is always sold fresh, not frozen.)
I bought another quart of honey from Terry and Dawna Kauk of Kauk's Bee's. I try to pick up a quart or two each week. This jar of wildflower honey was just pulled from the hive the night before. It is the most delicious honey I have ever tasted! It almost has a slight vanilla flavor to it.

Last of all, (and my canvas bag was pretty heavy by this point) I stocked up on organic apples and Yukon Gold potatoes at Lighthouse Center Organics.

Next week the market will be held at Stewart Park as part of the Roseburg Harvest Festival. Eating local has never been so easy!

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