Raspberry Lemonade

I first tasted Raspberry Lemonade way back in the summer of 1980 in Eugene. My future mother-in-law had packed an ice-cold pitcherful for a picnic lunch after canoeing at Fern Ridge. My tastebuds were in shock; the flavor was so intense and refreshing. And when I discovered she had made the raspberry juice herself from berries she had grown in her backyard, I was awestruck.

I still don't have any raspberries growing in my own yard, but when the u-pick berries are plentiful, I put up a batch of juice to be reserved for special occasions. And every time I make Raspberry Lemonade I think of Rosemary.

You will need:

1 cup of fresh lemon juice (okay, you can use the frozen kind if you must, but not the bottled stuff!)
3 cups of cold water
1 pint of raspberry juice
3/4 cup sugar

Stir everything together well until sugar is dissolved. Add additional sugar if desired, but it's not supposed to be too sweet. Serve over ice. Garnish with a thin slice of lemon, if you like. Makes a little over 6 cups.

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