Adding a Professional Touch

These two photos show the difference a professional touch can make. I had Debbie DeNino at Dino's Ristorante Italiano in Roseburg prepare a special luncheon and tea for my mom and her friends to celebrate her 80th birthday last week. I baked this chocolate layer cake and asked Debbie to slice and serve it at the end of the meal.

The first photo shows how I would normally serve it at home. I used a small dessert plate and plopped a chocolate-dipped strawberry on the side.

The photo below shows how Debbie did it (which I copied with the leftovers). First, she used a large plate. Next, she made a zigzag of chocolate syrup and dusted the syrup and plate with powdered sugar. Finally, she carefully placed the cake slice on top and added the strawberry. Such quick and simple additions, but look at the difference it makes!

The trick for me will be hiding the Hershey's syrup from my son, so he doesn't use it all up for chocolate milk.

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