Drying "Grapples"

A friend gave me two 5-gallon buckets of Golden Delicious apples awhile back.  They are great for fresh eating, but I decided to dry some for hiking snacks.  I dipped these in Concord grape juice after coring and slicing. (I still have some juice in the freezer that I made with grapes my dad gave me last year.) You don't really taste the grape flavor, but the purple color is fun.

I like to leave the skins on, so I used my Pampered Chef apple/pear corer to remove the core before slicing the apples, one at a time, in my Cuisinart food processor.  I find this to be much quicker than using my old apple core/peeler/slicer and I like the apple rings it produces.  The slices were about 1/4-inch thick.

Here's what they looked like going into the dehydrator...

and after ten hours of drying.

Here's the apple corer I used.

(I buy my Pampered Chef tools from Shelly Baird.)

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