Lookingglass Farmers Market/Big Lick Produce Today

This is what I bought the last time I went to the Lookingglass Farmers Market.  Suzi from Big Lick Farm will be there again today with a great variety of fresh produce.  Check it out at the Lookingglass Grange from 4 to 6 this afternoon.

Suzi says, "We have heaps of freshly harvested things to bring today to the Lookingglass Grange Market between 4-6pm. We are trying to get all of our overwintered crops out to make room for this year's goodies. We will be bringing the last of the spinach (until next crop ready) brussels sprouts on the stalk, green and red cabbage, romaine and red butterhead lettuce, beets, leeks, rainbow chard, 2 kinds of kale, garlic, shallots, onions and butternut squash. **FB Special** Spend at least $10 and get 1 pound free shallots ($2 value) See you there we hope!"

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