Fall at the Farmers Market

What a lovely display of fall colors at the

It was a perfect autumn morning at the Umpqua Valley Farmers Market.  Crisp air, clear blue skies, and fall colors everywhere.  This is my favorite season of the year.

I was determined to get there early today so I wouldn't miss out on Suzi's organic strawberries.  Can you believe we can still get sweet, juicy strawberries in October???  This "Indian Summer" probably won't last much longer and we've already had some frosty mornings, so I'm making the most of all our local produce.  The booths are overflowing with delicious, nutritious, LOCAL food. 

In addition to strawberries, I bought a lovely bunch of kale for my morning green smoothies, tender mixed greens and dried Bandon cranberries for my favorite salad, slender carrots for roasting, a crusty loaf of Harvest Wheatberry bread, two huge cantaloupes, a bag of Jim's russet potatoes, a fresh pimiento pepper, an Amish pie pumpkin and a couple gourds to decorate my entryway, three spanakopita for my breakfast (and Judy threw in a sample of a salted caramel brownie that was outstanding!) and I stocked up on local beef and chicken for the winter.  Oh, and I picked out a beautiful bouquet of dahlias for my dining room table.  

Sunday dinner is at my house tomorrow and I'm pondering the possibilities.....

Bruschetta made with thick slices of the bread (if there's any left) and topped with tomatoes and basil from my garden

Chicken Fingers with a toasty hazelnut breading
or perhaps a Chicken Pot Pie

Potatoes roasted with fresh rosemary & garlic

Pencil-thin green beans, cooked until just tender 
(bought from Kruse Farms yesterday)

Sliced melon and strawberries

and, of course, something yummy for dessert

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