Update on local berries

It's time to stockpile some berries for year-round enjoyment.  Big Bend Berries still has plenty of blueberries, with new varieties ripening each week.  I've been out there picking four times so far and I almost have my quota to last us until through next July.

I went back to The Berry Patch last Friday to pick some more raspberries, but I got side-tracked when I saw that the boysenberries and Marionberries were ripe and ready.  Once they get going, the berries all seem to come at once.

I picked a huge pan of the giant boysenberries and decided to save the Marionberries for another day.  I made my way to the raspberries and I had to hunt a bit as they are getting sparse now, but I did pick a whole bucket full.

I stayed up late and made a batch of raspberry jam and a batch of boysenberry jam--the regular, old-fashioned cooked kind, rather than the easy low sugar freezer jam I usually make.  I'm running out of room in the freezer with all the frozen berries in there.

Cherries are still on at Shady Lane and Brosi's.  The last week of sunshine should have sweetened them up quite a bit.

The heatwave is taking it's toll on all the fruit, so get out soon if you haven't got your fill yet.

Next up are the wonderful thornless blackberries at The Berry Patch that will be coming on around the 25th of July.  If we're lucky, they will last all the way into September.

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