Eatin' Barbecue in Memphis

We visited my daughter Christine and her husband Blake for Thanksgiving.  They took us to Central BBQ the other night for some authentic Memphis ribs.  We ordered two "slabs", one "dry" and one "wet" and a variety of sides to go with them:  baked beans, slaw, cooked greens, potato salad, fries, and mac & cheese.  We also got their BBQ'd nachos, a house specialty--tortilla chips smothered with pulled pork, bbq sauce and cheese with jalapenos on the side.  (Kathy from Smokin' Fridays, if you're reading this, I think these would be a hit back home!)

I love pulled pork, but I have never been a huge ribs fan; they are just so messy to eat.  These, however, were delicious, so tender and flavorful, definitely worth getting sticky for and finger-lickin' good.  The ones with the dry rub were my favorite, but the wet glaze was excellent too, just a bit spicier.

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