Okay, so I went a bit overboard at the farmers market this morning.  I just couldn't help myself.  I started out at The Baklava Lady's booth just a few minutes after 9:00 am.  You have to get there right when the market opens because she sells out fast.

My favorite croissants were on display, the ones with the fabulous Nutella and marshmallow fluff filling, so I bought one of those and three mini spanakopita.  I fully intended to take photos to post, but, sorry, none of that made it home.  I also bought a thick slice of Lime Cake.  I think Judy said there was a full cup of lime juice in the recipe and, no, she didn't feel compelled to dress it up with green food coloring.  I haven't tasted it yet, but I'm sure the flavor speaks for itself.

Right next door is the Cabruca Chocolates booth.  I sampled a traditional Brazilian Honey Cake--the texture is somewhat of a cross between a brownie bite and a mini cupcake.  Juliana said there are no eggs or butter in the batter, but it does have local organic honey and dulce de leche.   I admired her assortment of truffles and bought a chocolate-mint truffle, which I have managed to resist eating so far.

At Dang's Gardens I picked out a bouquet of red, white and purple sweet peas and a bouquet of gorgeous orange nasturtiums.  I'm going to add some of the nasturtiums to our Sunday dinner salad tomorrow and see what kind of reaction I get.  I also bought a bag of arugula.

On to Growing Crazy Farms where we discussed the cherry crop (okay, but not overly abundant this year) and I got a head of lettuce.

At the Riggs Family Farm stand I went for the baby (tiny!) zucchini and yellow summer squash.  I'm thinking I'll halve them lengthwise and grill them to go with dinner tomorrow.

Hayhurst Farms from Yoncalla had a lovely display of vegetables--napa cabbage, broccoli, kale, beets, carrots, snow peas, and garlic.  I bought some beets and a few transplants for my garden--tarragon, rosemary, and cucumbers.

I bought one roma tomato plant and a basket of organic bing cherries but I didn't look at the names of the booths.  The cherries really could have used a few more days on the tree to sweeten up, but for some reason, after chatting with the grower, I bought them anyway.

By this time I had made two trips to the car to unload some of my bounty and get more money out of my purse.  On my last swing through the market I bought a bunch of carrots from Big Lick Farm and picked up the fingerling potatoes and raspberries I had reserved at Linnea Marie Farms.

So tomorrow's menu is shaping up nicely.  My husband is going to do Salmon on a Plank on the grill for the entree.  I'll round it out with a salad, the baby squash, roasted beets, and crusty baguette slices spread with Boursin Garlic and Fine Herb cheese.  I'm thinking of making a berry pavlova for dessert--fluffy white meringue topped with vanilla creme anglaise, blueberries, and raspberries.  How festive is that for (almost) Fourth of July?

Have a great holiday.  I'm off to mix baguette dough, plant my new transplants, clean the house, and head to the gym.   

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