Bake Sale Number Two

After my pie-baking marathon last week, I needed something a bit easier for this week's bake sale.  For the bread, I made a quadruple batch of Sour Cream & Chive Potato Bread.  I mixed the dough Wednesday afternoon, refrigerated it overnight, then shaped and baked the loaves Thursday morning so they would still be warm for delivery.

Hearth loaves proofing

Scored and ready to slide onto a hot baking stone.

At this point, the kitchen smells divine.

For the sweet treat I made Dark Chocolate-Raspberry Brownies.  The recipe is the same as my Marionberry-Walnut Brownies, but I omitted the nuts and used seedless raspberry jam on top.

I always make my brownies the night before I plan to serve them; it makes cutting them so much easier.  I line the pan with parchement, then the next day I can slide a heavy-duty spatula under the parchment and lift the whole giant brownie out onto the counter.  With the help of a yardstick and my metal bench knife I can divide it evenly into twenty large, dense, rich, gooey brownies.

It all went so smoothly this week, I was actually done a couple hours early.

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