Another cake to make you laugh

Here's one to add to my collection of Cakes to Make You Laugh Out Loud.  This year, my son requested a cake in the shape of a present, with ice cream inside!  I naively thought it would be "a piece of cake".  I mean, it's a cube--how hard can that be?  Well, you can tell from the photos that it was quite a challenge and the result is definitely laughable.  

This was my first attempt at making and using fondant icing. Overlooking the fact that the taste is pretty revolting compared to homemade buttercream frosting, fondant icing is very tricky to roll out and pick up.  It does drape beautifully over the cake, but shows every lump and bump and imperfection (kinda like a clingy skirt!) even though I used a layer of buttercream frosting underneath to hold the cake pieces together.  Oh, and a pasta machine DOES NOT work when trying to make fondant ribbon!

It's a good thing we are not perfectionists about this. Kevin keeps saying it's the best cake I ever made!  And that's what counts.

To redeem myself and prove that I do have  a bit of baking skill, I made some excellent focaccia for the panini he requested for his birthday dinner. 

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