Local Food Gifts

Someone left a comment asking if I had any ideas for local food gifts. What follows is a quick, random, off-the-top-of my-head list:

Flavored vinegars using local berries (frozen berries work even better than fresh because they are already broken down). Put in a pretty recycled bottle and attach a berry-vinaigrette recipe with ribbon.

Local walnuts or hazelnuts--shelling them is a gift in itself.

Gift certificate to a local restaurant: Dino's and The Mark V top my list.

A basket with fresh Lighthouse breads and some of their jam. Or a gift certificate for their bread.

Baklava from The Baklava lady.

Chocolates from Arrow's Delight or Umpqua Valley Chocolates (Kathey at 430-5600).

Delicious Hazelnut Toffee from Donna Holm.

A couple half-gallons of Umpqua Dairy Ice Cream (or gift certificate) with local nuts and homemade berry topping.

Gift certificate for a Cooking for Charity class. $$$

Local wines.

A pie from Kruse Farms.

Culinary herbs from Bunyard's Barnyard or culinary lavender from Double P Soap & Lavender Farm (733-5287)

A combination of any of the above into a gift basket.

A dvd of the movie FOOD, INC.

Local jerky from Oakland Lockers.

I'll post more if I think of any. Help add to the list with your suggestions

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