A S'moretilla?

Got the idea for this on a backpacking site. They called it a s'moredita, as in a combination s'more and gordita. I didn't use gordita-sized tortillas; I used whole wheat (10-inch?) regular tortillas, so maybe s'moretilla is more accurate. I tried it out on a recent camping trip with my son and thought it was very tasty

Lay the tortilla out on an ungreased griddle or frying pan and set it over hot coals. Break up some chocolate pieces or scatter chocolate chips over one half. Add a layer of crunched up Teddy Grahams or graham crackers and top with marshmallows. I didn't have mini-marshmallows on hand so I just cut some large marshmallows in half. When the tortilla gets soft, fold it in half, covering the filling. Let cook over the coals until the chocolate begins to melt, then carefully flip it over and finish cooking on the other side until the marshmallows are melted too. Cut into wedges and enjoy by the campfire.

The link I found said dark chocolate was essential for a good s'moredita. I made mine half dark and half with milk chocolate chips and much preferred the milk chocolate side.

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