Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cakes to make you smile (or laugh out loud!)...

Okay, so I don't profess to be a professional cake decorator! But my children have always gotten a kick out of our homemade birthday cakes and often join in the fun of planning how to decorate them.

I'm heading to Splash!, the wave pool in Springfield, with a van full of ten-year old boys to celebrate my son's birthday, hence the Teddy Grahams swimming and floating in the water for this year's cake...

And from previous years, a castle with a fruit punch moat...

...a pirate ship

and a deserted island with a pretzel shack.

Have a good laugh on me!


Jeannetta said...

Oh Jennifer, these are so darling!! You may not "profess" to be a cake decorator, but that wouldn't be obvious to anyone :)
I've added your blog to my list of blogs I'm following. I look forward to seeing what your cooking :D

Julienne said...

Um, those cakes were brilliant!! I can't even imagine coming up with the ideas, let alone making them look that good. Seriously, you are amazing.

I love the teddy grahms in the water and the fish swimming in the blue jello (?) Wow! You go way beyond the whole barbie cake thing.

I'll have you know that I am making a "rainbow" cake for my daughter's party in two days. I'll post the picture and then we will have a real laugh.