Umpqua Valley Farmers Market Opens

April 12 was a perfectly glorious day for the opening of the Umpqua Valley Farmers Market. Thirty-three vendors set up shop in the Mercy Sleep Center parking lot across from Office Depot under clear blue skies. Sunshine and temperatures in the 80's brought the whole town out for a beautiful outdoor shopping adventure.

I had to break my cardinal rule about not buying anything until I walked all the way through the market once because The Baklava Lady was almost sold out and I didn't want to miss my chance. She had a special going--five wedges of baklava for $10--so I bought one of each variety she had left for our Sunday dessert.

After trying a sample, I bought some chorizo from Sweet Briar Farms , which I later diced and sauteed into some farm-fresh scrambled eggs for a "breakfast for dinner" meal.

I can't remember what it was called, but I couldn't resist buying a decadent granola, peanut and chocolate chip concoction from The Olde Town Bakery.

In addition to baked goods, produce (pretty much limited to lettuce and other greens so far) and transplants, there were chainsaw carvings, beaded jewelry, baby blankets and gifts, flowers,

I was also excited to find artwork and greeting cards made by local artists. I picked out unique Mother's Day and Father's Day cards and a few others just to have on hand for birthdays and thank you notes. What talent we have in this area!

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