Whole Wheat Waffles

This is similar to the recipe I use for Whole Wheat Pancakes, but I substitute melted butter for the oil, which makes them crispy. Waffles take a bit more time, but my son loves them. Any leftovers can be frozen flat on a waxed-paper-lined cookie sheet, then stored in plastic freezer bags. Reheat on low setting in the toaster.

1 1/4 cups (6 ounces) freshly ground soft white wheat flour
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 tablespoon baking powder
2 tablespoons sugar (white, brown or Sucanat)
2 farm fresh local eggs, separated
1 1/4 cups milk
3 tablespoons butter, melted

Preheat a waffle iron.

In a medium bowl stir together the flour, salt, baking powder and sugar. In a glass measuring cup whisk together the milk and egg yolks. Lightly whisk milk mixture into the dry ingredients. Whisk in the butter.

In a small glass or metal bowl beat the egg whites until soft peaks form. Gently fold into the batter.

Pour onto hot, oil-sprayed or non-stick waffle iron. My standard 4-section waffle iron takes a scant cupful of batter. Tip: time how long it takes for the first batch to finish cooking, then set your kitchen timer for the remaining waffles so you don't have to keep your eye on the light.

Makes about 4 large (16 individual) waffles. My family eats them with peanut butter and maple syrup, but any fruit topping is wonderful, too!

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