Monday, August 10, 2009

Suncrest Peaches

My son and I picked 70 pounds of beautiful, juicy Suncrest peaches this morning at Norm Lehne's Garden and Orchards, less than five minutes from my house. They'll be gone in a day or two, so get 'em while you can. They are 65 cents per pound and very easy to pick. I brought mine home and laid them out in a single layer on newspaper on one end of the dining room table. Some are almost ready to eat; the others will ripen over the next several days. I'll be starting each morning with a big bowl of freshly-sliced peaches and if they get ahead of us, I'll slice them and flash freeze on cookie sheets, then pack them in ziploc bags to use in smoothies this winter.

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Rosemont Century Farm said...

I was looking for Suncrest peaches online and ran across your post! All I could say was "mmm mmm".

I just found a local orchard that has them for 65 c a # too yay.