A Star-Spangled Dessert

I made individual berry pavlovas for tonight's dessert, in honor of Independence Day.  (My folks are doing the hamburger and hotdog barbecue tomorrow, so this was my chance!)

I used this recipe from the pastry studio blog (oh, what fun I could have working my way through that blog!) and the only change I made was to make five small pavlovas instead of one large pavlova.  I drew five circles about three and a half inches in diameter on each of two sheets of parchment.  Be sure to place the parchment on the pan with the pencil side down or it will transfer to your food.  You need two discs for each pavlova.  This recipe made just the right amount.

The smaller meringue discs will not take quite as long to bake, but you still need to plan on about an hour and a half.  They will lift off the parchment easily without leaving much meringue behind when they are done.

While the meringue discs are baking you can get the cream whipped, the berries rinsed, and the coulis made.  Then, assembling the pavlovas just before serving is a snap.


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